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Case Study: How would you treat this patient?

Managing type 2 diabetes and heart failure, with insights from Silvio E. Inzucchi, MD. Click here. Login required.

Case Study: How would you treat this patient?



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ADA 2014 Diabetes Guidelines: Complete Coverage

Interactive summaries and slides covering the ADA’s 2014 diabetes care
recommendations, including
 ADA 2014 Diabetes Guidelines 
  • Diagnostic criteria
  • Glycemic, BP, lipid targets
  • Medications for treating hyperglycemia
  • Risk factors
  • And more!

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CVD Expert Blog With Robert Eckel, MD

Dr Eckel comments on the potential role of PCSK9 inhibitors for unmet clinical needs in dyslipidemia

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 From Our Partners - Eckel 

Diabetes Infographics

 Diabetes Infographics 

Downloadable infographics on diabetes

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Diabetes News & Information


Get more diabetes headlines. 

NDEI.org: Diabetes Education for Healthcare Professionals

NDEI.org is a premier online destination for diabetes education and information for HCPs. Since 1996, we have partnered with preeminent thought leaders to provide diabetes education on issues spanning the diabetes continuum. Award-winning content:

  • Slide library with 1,500+ downloadable slides
  • On-demand programs, including interactive case studies and webcasts
  • Diabetes guidelines resources
  • Expert commentaries on diabetes data
  • Patient education handouts
  • And more!

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NDEI.org is the official website of The National Diabetes Education Initiative® (NDEI®).

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