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Sliding-scale insulin (SSI)

The progressive increase in the premeal or nighttime insulin dose, based on predefined blood glucose ranges. Sliding scale insulin regimens approximate daily insulin requirements.
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Managing the Patient With Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Failure


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ADA 2016 In-Patient Glycemia


Recommendations for glycemic targets for critically ill patients from the 2016 ADA diabetes guidelines

Clinical Insights in Diabetes Newsletter July 2013


Clinical Insights® in Diabetes newsletter July 2013

Carotid intima-media thickness (CIMT) change in ORIGIN-GRACE, effects of omega-3 fatty acids on CV events in the Risk and Prevention Study, canagliflozin therapy in CANTATA-D2 and CANTATA-M, weight gain and intensive therapy in ACCORD, glycemic control with single daily basal insulin plus corrective glulisine and basal bolus regimen, diurnal pattern to insulin action in type 1 diabetes. Expert Commentary on Basal Plus Trial Vivian Fonseca


Expert commentary from NDEI Education Council Member Vivian A. Fonseca, MD, on the Basal Plus Trial: is there an optimal insulin strategy for inpatient glycemic control?

Randomized study comparing basal bolus with basal + correction insulin regimen for hospital management of patients with type 2 diabetes: Basal Plus Trial


Exclusive! Expert commentary from Vivian A. Fonseca, MD, on the Basal Plus Trial. Umpierrez GE, Smiley D, Hermayer K, et al. Randomized study comparing a basal bolus with a basal plus correction insulin regimen for the hospital management of medical and surgical patients with type 2 diabetes: Basal Plus Trial. Diabetes Care. 2013;36(8):2169-2174. In this study, Umpierrez and colleagues explored the hypothesis that a single daily dose of basal insulin plus one other corrective dose of glulisine as needed with a meal might result in similar glycemic control and a lower rate of hypoglycemia than a basal bolus regimen.

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Inpatient Glycemic Control: Is There an Optimal Insulin Strategy?
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