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  • The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) released global guidelines for type 2 diabetes.
  • This slide reviews recommendations for delivery of care.
  • Offer care to all people with diabetes, considering cultural wishes and desires.
  • Organize care around the person with diabetes
    • Involve person with diabetes in his/her care
    • Create opportunities for asking questions, expressing concerns
  • Offer annual check of all aspects of diabetes control and complications to all people with diabetes.
  • Agree to a care plan
    • Review at least annually
    • Modify based on changed wishes, circumstances, and medical findings
    • Deliver at routine visits between annual reviews
  • Between visits, provide urgent access to healthcare advice and phone contact.
  • Use a multidisciplinary care team.

Recommended Care summarized above. Refer to source document for full recommendations, including Limited and Comprehensive Care recommendations.

International Diabetes Federation Clinical Guidelines Task Force. Global guidelines for type 2 diabetes. 2012. Available at:

June 2014

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