Preoperative Workup Metabolic Surgery for Type 2 Diabetes Treatment | NDEI

  • The 2nd Diabetes Surgery Summit (DSS-II), an international consensus conference, convened with international diabetes organizations to develop global guidelines for the use of metabolic (bariatric) surgery for the treatment of type 2 diabetes.
  • This slide reviews recommendations for preoperative workup for metabolic surgery in type 2 diabetes patients.
  • Patient evaluation should include assessment of endocrine, metabolic, physical, nutritional, and psychological health.
  • Evaluation should include a combination of routine clinical tests and diabetes-specific metrics. The recommended tests include standard preoperative tests used for GI surgery at individual providers’ institutions; tests to characterize current diabetes status (eg, A1c, FPG, lipid profile); and tests to distinguish type 1 from type 2 diabetes (eg, fasting C-peptide, anti-GAD antibodies).
  • To reduce the risk for postoperative infection due to hyperglycemia, an attempt should be made to improve glycemic control before surgery.

Rubino F, Nathan DM, Eckel RH, et al. Metabolic surgery in the treatment algorithm for type 2 diabetes: a joint statement by international diabetes organizations. Diabetes Care. 2016;39:861-877.

June 2016